Day: February 9, 2020

First aid and CPR

Here, in Arcadia, we don’t just pay attention to our students’ academic life, we also want them to be conscientious young adults ready to help anyone in need. That is why today we organised a workshop on First Aid where our students learnt how to perform CPR. Thank you Red Cross for coming, we greatly […]

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Design Challenge

Year 6 has finished testing their mini-3D designs and testing to building full designs for the Design Challenge: Ball Catcher. This is a STEM based project as it requires a thorough knowledge of the science, technology, engineering and maths needed to successfully retrieve our footballs outside our football pitch.             […]

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Lessons on posture

The team from Year 10 delivered a presentation on correct body posture to all the secondary school students as a part of their Global Perspectives course. The aim of their project was to emphasise the importance of walking and sitting correctly as they identified through their research that it is one of the biggest issues […]

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