Our aim is to encourage students to become well-rounded individuals via a co-curricular programme that reflects our belief that individuals succeed in an environment where their abilities and talents are promoted.

Arcadia students are able to participate in a variety of co-curricular activities, including sports, arts, music and clubs, as well as learning about organic farming, animal care and the beautiful nature that surrounds the school.


Our goal is to promote a positive, lifelong approach to sport and fitness through offering a wide choice of activities and the development of excellence for those students who look to pursue an activity to a higher level.

The new Arcadia sport field will celebrate its grand opening on May 15, 2017.  The sports field includes an athletic track, football pitch and tennis. Students will have PE classes outdoors, weather permitting and have use of the facility for after school supervised sports. Additional planned sports activities include track and field, volleyball and rugby.



The school location affords a great opportunity to explore nature around the vast green area surrounding the school, excursions to nearby mountains and trips to the Adriatic which is no more than 5 minutes away.

An important part of our approach is to extend the curriculum outdoors as much as possible, with specially designed outdoor teaching areas, a small amphitheater, an organic gardening plot and a small animal farm that teaches students about the responsibilities of caring for farm animals.



The Music and Theater department is open to all students and is a great way to learn how to work within an ensemble and get to know all aspects of putting on a production. Each year Arcadia mounts a Christmas and end of the school year production also produce smaller projects for festivals and special events.

After school hour music lessons are made available for groups of students wanting to deepen their talents


Clubs and Special Classes

We encourage parents and teachers to work with us for setting up and managing clubs and group activities. Currently, Arcadia has a number of after school activities including foreign language classes, yoga, chess, modern dance, cooking and public speaking.

Summer activities include sailing, kayaking, hiking and tenting under the stars with a campfire to keep everyone warm.


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